Methods to Help You Quit Smoking in Beccles, Bungay, and Norwich

Quit smoking for good with the power of hypnosis. To become a true non-smoker, rely on my proven methods. Recommended by many former smokers, my services are available to clients in Beccles, Bungay, and Norwich. With my help, you will be able to eliminate the temptation to smoke, rather than courageously resisting it on a constant basis. Shake your addiction and become completely free of cigarettes by choosing a service that’s proven to be three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy.

A quit smoking in one hour session is £45.00

What Former Smokers Say

“I came to see you in June to give up smoking. Hypnotherapy is amazing. I haven't had a cigarette since. I can't explain it. I have tried to give up many times with NRT and failed miserably. Wish I'd been hypnotised years ago. I haven't even had a craving. Thank you.”

 Becky Green

Help with quitting smoking

Quit for Good

There is always that one person who has 'quit' smoking, however still says that they would like one with a drink or after a meal. This way, they have to deny themselves something that they want all the time. After undertaking my approach, if you think about cigarettes at all, you won’t be able to think of anything worse than smoking.

An Effective Approach

Working on your subconscious mind, my techniques serve to transform your attitude into that of an effortless non-smoker. By addressing each and every psychological trick that arises from your addiction, we are able to loosen its grip and ultimately free you of it.

Improve Your Self-Control

With proper self-control, there will be no more planning your day around cigarettes, running outside at work or at parties for a quick puff, or worrying about whether you have enough cigarettes left to last the night. You also won't have to stress over the effect that smoking cigarettes will have on your health. Simply get in touch with me  today for your free copy of an eBook called Get Ready to Quit, which will make quitting smoking easier than you could have ever imagined.

Cigarette Butts

Proven Success

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, the success rates for quitting smoking methods are as follows:

 Hypnotherapy – 60%

 Acupuncture – 22%

 Nicotine Patches – 13%

 Nicotine Gum – 11%

 Willpower – 5%

Effective Help for Ending Other Habits and Addictions

The methods I use  for giving up smoking are just as effective for other habits and addictions such as nicotine gum, gambling, alcohol abuse, drugs, and even addiction to chocolate or energy drinks. If you have a problem that causes compulsive behaviour and loss of control, rely on me to provide a solution.

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