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Effective Hypnosis for Weight Loss

in Beccles Bungay and Norwich

Hypnosis can provide the extra motivation and determination to keep you going in the direction of your choice, and can help you escape the many food traps that can cause weight gain.

Hypnotherapy is so much more effective than just dieting alone. Because it lifts you out of those old eating habits and simply changes the way you used to think about food.

Do you want to lose weight and feel more attractive?  Would you like to manage your weight and increase your confidence? Do you feel losing weight will help you with health concerns?

Whatever your reason for wanting to manage your weight better, my effective weight control hypnosis is able to assist you in a way that dieting just can't.

Whether you are in Beccles, Bungay, or Norwich, I offer effective hypnotherapy to help you control your weight, including if needed gastric band hypnosis.

There are many reasons why we overeat or consume unhelpful  types of food or drink. Together we will address those reasons and you can start to feel more in control of how you look and feel. You should start to notice a difference after the first session and most people only need four one hour weekly sessions to be on the road to feeling more in control. Top up sessions are available at a later date if required.

Dealing with Weight

When you come to hypnotherapy sessions with me, I can ensure you a relaxing, confidential and safe experience. You are in control at all times and do not go to sleep or become unconscious.  If you can't seem to relax in your everyday life, you are sure to enjoy my hypnosis sessions as you will be able to unwind surprisingly easily, to fully improve your health and overall wellbeing.  With hypnotherapy helping you to control that weight, you will find you are not thinking about food and eating all the while as happens with dieting. No more calories  or points counting, just relaxing with food and the causes of overeating. When the causes of overeating and eating when not really hungry are addressed the weight problem diminishes.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Losing more than two stone and then keeping it off can be tricky without a helping hand, as you will know if you have Yo Yo'd up and down with weight in the past. With my successful gastric band hypnosis techniques, you are able to change your mind about food and lose weight. Due to its simplicity, gastric band hypnotherapy has become the most popular treatment that I offer. I have been fine tuning this technique for more than seight years and it offers amazing results. Gastric band hypnosis takes just four sessions but it should start to make an impact on your life after the first session.


Slim Down with Hypnosis

I have many clients who have enjoyed great success with my weight loss hypnosis. Their success stories include losing 10 inches off the waist, 22lbs in four weeks, more than three stone in nine weeks, and dropping three clothing sizes in five weeks. Some of these people had been going to weight loss clubs for 15 years. They understood how diets dont work and have now become slimmer and taken control of their eating by using the power of hypnosis.

Client comment:

Hi Keith just wanted to say a big thank you. Still getting used to trusting the fact I dont panic anymore and have lost two stone.Thank you again. I feel so good.LB

Client comment:

Just to say thank you for all your help and kindness over the past four weeks.It has changed my life.I am looking forward to the new "slim" me in the not too distant future.My sincere thanks. VH

Client comment:

"I went out of here feeling like I had won the lottery ,I have had a brilliant week and I have lost eleven pounds in weight since last week" 

Client comment

"I was very pleased with the service and have told my friend to come and see you for her weight loss " 

Client comment

"Just a text to tell you I have got the dress on that was my goal! Completely different life! Many thanks!

Client comment:

I'm a different person. Thankyou Keith A.T

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